Efficiently, straightforwardly, and in limited quantities—this principle laid the foundation for Polifoam Shop nearly three decades ago. The appeal of our polyethylene foam, commonly known as polyfoam, has consistently grown over the years. The versatility of this foam knows no bounds, finding applications in sports, leisure, home, car, garden, and insulation.

Rely on our experienced colleagues to simplify your choice. With decades of expertise, they assist in selecting the most suitable material for your specific needs, whether it involves gymnastics, car or home soundproofing, or ensuring the safety of your children.

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INSULATION – soundproofing at the highest level

A wide range of soundproofing products for mechanical and architectural applications:

  • Foam boards
  • Pipe shells
  • Parquet underlays

SPORT AND LEISURE – without limits

Foam-based products for indoor and outdoor sports and leisure activities

  • Fitness, camping, sports mats
  • Swimming training equipment
  • Seat cushions
  • Play mats and water toys for children

HOME AND GARDEN-comfort and aesthetics

Useful products for home comfort:

  • Knee cushion
  • Pool mattress
  • Carepad garage protector

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