WellStepp® Kids, our premier medical device, is now officially launched!


We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our company’s journey—the introduction of the WellStepp Kids sensory development mat.

 After years of dedicated research and development, we proudly present this innovative solution designed to prevent childhood orthopedic disorders. The WellStepp Kids mat brings a host of benefits to children, fostering their physical and neurological development.

Walking barefoot is a delightful sensory experience, particularly during childhood when young ones explore and encounter the novelty of the tactile world around them.

As children walk, the tiny pads of their feet sense, navigate and maintain balance on the surface they are exploring. The information transmitted to the brain via tactile and proprioceptive pathways has the effect of quieting or inhibiting other external sensory inputs. This heightened focus and awareness of walking and spatial movement enable children to become more attuned to their surroundings.

The development of coordinated communication between muscles, joints, and the brain allows children to acquire the skill of moving effortlessly and organically.

Benefits of Regular Use:

– strengthens the muscles of the sole of the foot

– helps prevent flat feet

– improves posture

– improves the sense of balance

– supports healthy neurological development

– improves sensory perception

– develops fine motor movements

The WellStepp Kids mat emerges as a beacon of innovation in childhood development, offering a holistic solution to prevent orthopedic disorders. Its sensor-enabled design and unique composition make it a standout choice for parents who prioritize their child’s physical and neurological well-being. With WellStepp, we not only aim to enhance the present but also contribute to a healthier, more balanced future for the next generation.

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